Developing ways to shut down for a while

To have ideas not from my head, but to spark a curiosity or an interest.

Last year Simona took it slower for some time. She even took ‘resting’ as a learning opportunity. She tried to find different ways to do nothing. To create situations in which she could get more often bored.

“I tried to find different ways to do nothing. What I learned last year was to create situations in which I can be bored more often. The hardest thing is to shut down for a while. Make an appointment with the world to just do nothing. It’s almost like preparing to meditate. I used walking a lot to exhaust myself. And then I can do nothing. All the thinking has gone. Sometimes it takes me days. I’ve learned that to create time that’s only mine, I need to manage the rest around it. The challenge is how to reduce “noise”. Sometimes I become disconnected with the feelings of my body. Then I just got stuck in my head. I sport way more now than I did before. Just to be with my body. Movement, sport, yoga, whatever is a reminder that there’s a body and all those things that worry me are just imaginary.”